Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning removes dirt, grime and stains from the carpets using special equipment, cleaning solutions and techniques. Carpet Manufacturers recommend that carpets be cleaned on a yearly basis. Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair and reinstallation, color repair (spot dying) and odor control. With these five certifications and over three years experience from the date of the first certification, we maintain the title of Master Certified Textile Cleaner.   There are multiple methods to cleaning your carpet including;

  • Truck Mount Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction is the preferred method for carpet manufactures to keep your warranty valid. This method is a deep restorative clean. Steam is flushed through the fibers while connected to a vacuum many times more powerful than any household vacuum.  This system extracts the most particles from your carpet.
  • Nautilus Portable System: Hot water extraction cleaning method. With our portable truck mount system, we are able to reach places other carpet cleaners can not. For example: high rise downtown buildings, yachts, apartments, airplanes, and places where parking is an issue. Because this equipment can be removed from the truck we have no limitations on where we can go.
  • Low Moisture: This is our express drying cleaning system. Using a 350 RPM  high speed rotary machine, an accumulator bonnet is passed over the carpet, and extracts the dirt and oil particles into the accumulator. The small amount of heat generated by the spinning actions also helps to dry the carpet in 30 minutes.  This method keeps spots from coming back due to the rapid drying process. This is ideal for commercial and retail spaces. Because of the quick drying system, we can clean in the morning, leaving your carpets ready when you open the doors. The encapsulation cleaning crystals continue to encapsulate soil long after the cleaning has been completed, and are easily removed with a vacuum.